Do I have to be Jewish to live at the Terraces?

No. We welcome individuals from all religious and cultural backgrounds.

Do I need to participate in religious events if I live at the Terraces?

No. While we celebrate Jewish Holidays at the Terraces, participation is voluntary for all residents, Jewish and non-Jewish.

Do I have to keep kosher in my apartment?

Terraces apartments have full kitchens with full size stoves and refrigerators. Residents do not have to keep kosher in their apartments. Our communal dining room located on the main floor is kosher under COR.

Are there visiting hours that my family and friends must adhere to?

 Guests can come and go as they please as long as they are respectful of our building and residents.

Do I need to tell someone if I want to have a guest stay with me overnight?

 Residents do not need to inform anyone if they have an overnight guest. If they would like they can arrange for a cot to be brought up to their apartment for their guest.

Do I need to tell anyone if I’m going out of the building?

 Residents come and go as they please. However, if a resident is going out overnight, we request that they press their “away” button on their emergency response system, and/or tell the nurse.

What kind of supports are in place to help someone transition into your retirement residence?
We are unique in that we are the only retirement home that employs Social Workers.  They can be helpful in many ways, but especially in terms of supporting residents and families through the transition of moving in, facilitating introductions to like-minded residents, encouraging attendance in programs, helping the residents with concerns and anxieties that come up during the aging process.
Is there access to a medical team?

Yes, as a resident of the Terraces of Baycrest you will have 24-hour access to RNs and RPNs. The on-site health centre is also staffed with five Doctors, a Psychiatrist, a Pharmacist, Occupational Therapist, Cardiologist and several other types of professionals.

As a resident of the Terraces, would I have a Doctor on-site?
Yes, we offer a team of five physicians on staff for our residents.