Our Community

Terraces of Baycrest residents benefit from the support of being a part of an active and vibrant community composed of research, arts, culture and faith-based values.

Since 1918, Baycrest has continued to embrace the long-standing TRADITION of great Jewish organizations to improve the well-being of people in their local communities.

Baycrest began as the Toronto Jewish Old Folks Home in downtown Toronto. It was founded by a group of neighbourhood women, members of the Ezras Noshim Society. Over the years, Baycrest has grown to meet the needs of the community it serves and has been built on the spirit of caring and compassion initiated by our founders.

An ACADEMIC health sciences organization, we embrace students from a wide range of disciplines. Our staff mentor students who provide us with diversity of thought and diversity of generations. We work with students in the fields of Social Work, Medicine, Recreation, Business, Kinesiology, and many others.

Our community is enhanced by the special work of over 3,000 VOLUNTEERS, both from the community and resident volunteers. Baycrest is privileged to have new and long-standing volunteers ranging in age from early teens to 100 plus years old.

ARTS AND CULTURE are prominent themes in the day-to-day life of our residents. Numerous original art collections decorate our home. Residents can participate in art classes (stained glass making, painting, etc.), dance lessons, a poetry club, a resident-run choir and a theatre group facilitated by a Storyteller-in-Residence. They also attend outings to galleries and other cultural venues.