Who We Are

The Terraces of Baycrest is a retirement residence that provides support for older adults.

Always focused on improving quality of life for our residents, the Terraces of Baycrest has continued to grow since first opening its doors in 1976.

As part of the Baycrest Health Sciences family and campus, Terraces residents have access to some of the best minds in geriatric care, as well as 17 ambulatory clinics. Programs and services are founded on evidence-based practices and research.

At the Terraces of Baycrest, we strive to enrich the lives of older adults through leading innovations in brain health, wellness promotion and  care.

Focus includes:

  • INNOVATIVE APPROACH to physical, mental and spiritual care that aims to support the whole person, offering older adults a greater and longer independence.
  • Expert GERIATRIC SPECIALISTS and clinical staff are world-renowned for delivering high-quality care and helping to improve the way people age with cognitive impairments, mental health challenges, mobility issues, speech or hearing issues or any number of chronic illnesses.
  • Our unique focus on THE ARTS, culture and spiritual programming improves physical and emotional health, and increases feelings of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Devotion to improving the QUALITY OF LIFE of older adults everywhere through the integration and application of exceptional healthcare, wellness promotion, research and educational and intergenerational opportunities.