Health Care

It’s about peace of mind. Physicians and healthcare professionals are here for you every day.

Physicians, Registered Nursing Staff, Social Workers, a Geriatric Psychiatrist and the on-site Health and Wellness Centre are here to serve you.

We also offer assistance with medication, a wide selection of professional services and access to the outpatient clinics at Baycrest Health Sciences as part of our everyday service. The Health and Wellness Centre is open 24 hours a day, staffed with clinical professionals who offer residents individualized medical care services. With physicians on-site Monday to Friday, and on call throughout the weekend, residents have the convenient option of seeing their doctor regularly. Our goal is to help our residents be as independent as possible. Each new resident receives a full health assessment to identify specific and individual needs. The friendly atmosphere in the Health Centre is welcoming to residents and ensures their comfort and safety. Our staff has extensive experience in geriatrics, acute care and community health.

Residents are encouraged to come in and be seen by one of our professionals when they:
  • Don’t feel well
  • Require an injection such as insulin, vaccination, etc.
  • Need a wound dressing refreshed
  • Would like assistance with medication
  • Need blood work done or
  • Just want to talk
Other services provided by the health and wellness centre include:
  • Assessments
  • Home Care Services
  • Pharmacy and Medication Assistance

Identifying and understanding the specific needs of our residents guides us in developing a comprehensive care plan and recommendations to address concerns and help residents achieve their goals.

Our clinical team includes the following skilled and experienced health professionals:


There is a team of five Physicians (General Practitioners). Residents benefit from the easy access to on-site Doctors who address their needs and provide individual care. The Physicians are Baycrest Doctors, some of whom also have their own practices in the community.

Nurse (RN, RPN)

Our highly skilled Nurses provide health assessments, emergency response services, wound care, consultations and medication assistance.

Social work

Social Workers are available to counsel residents and their families throughout the transition and adjustment to life at the Terraces of Baycrest. They work with residents and their families to resolve concerns or challenges and facilitate connections with other Terraces staff (e.g. recreation, fitness, health centre, etc.) and residents.

Occupational Therapy
The Occupational Therapist helps enhance our residents’ environment by providing solutions to improve their safety and reduce falls.
Recreational Therapists
Recreationists develop regular and special event activities. They ensure residents have the opportunity to participate in meaningful programs that reflect the interests of our community. They plan programs based on resident feedback and their own ideas.
Kinesiologists apply the principles of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and psychomotor behaviour to improve health, function and performance. Their focus is on injury prevention, maximizing movement and improving our residents’ overall quality of life. They work together with our Medical Exercise Specialist and team of fitness instructors.
Geriatric Psychiatrist

Residents have regular access to a Baycrest Geriatric Psychiatrist. The role of the Psychiatrist is to distinguish between physical and psychological causes of both mental and physical distress. They have vast experience in exploring geriatric mental health concerns.

The Rexall Pharmacist is available daily to answer any questions you may have regarding your medication and to assist our residents with their medication purchases.

Chiropodist provides convenient on-site foot care to our residents.

Medication Assistance Program
This personalized program is offered to our residents for an additional monthly fee. As part of the program, medications can be re-ordered; a personalized medication container is filled and delivered directly to residents; staff help residents open containers or simply provide regular reminders to take medication.